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In Oaxaca Mexico food is not taken lightly, traditional recipes, many of which predate the arrival of the Spanish, are passed from generation to generation. Oaxaca is known as “the land of seven moles” (pronounced mow- lay) is a thick rich sauce found in Oaxacan cuisine. Oaxaca is famous for its cheese, spicy sausages, tamales wrapped in banana leaves, and exotic dishes such as chapulines (dry roasted grasshoppers), and armadillo, it is said that those who try them will always return to Oaxaca. A must on any visitor's list of things to do in Oaxaca is a visit to the zócalo, or Town Square. The zócalo is the heart of Oaxaca and the city's undisputed social center. The Zocalo is dotted with several small cafes and amazing restaurants. What better way is there to end the day by eating great food? Indeed is there a nicer way to start the day as well? Your days can be busy, maybe you are working, siteseeing or you go to www.partypoker.com for a few games but whatever you do you have to eat at some point. When the time comes trust us when we tell you you'll find some tasty treats here. Below is a list of restaurants, dining establishments, food and places to eat in Oaxaca Oaxaca, Mexico Oaxaca Restaurant
Casa Oaxaca - Fine romantic dining in the heart of downtown Oaxaca * Specializing in Oaxaca cuisine and seafood * Casa Oaxaca is also a Oaxacan colonial house of the 18th century renovated into a 5 star luxury hotel and bed and breakfast * Tel: 951-514-4173

La Catedral - Large restaurant in a colonial house * Dancing is available on Fridays in the bar * There is a buffet on sunday * Tel: 951-516-3285

El Naranja - Charming small restaurant with daily specials * Serving Oaxacan cuisine with homemade mole * Fine wines from Chile and Spain * Tel: 951-514-1878

El Meson - Located in the heart of Oaxaca next to the zocalo * Serving fine meats and steaks * Serving Oaxacan chocalates and coffee * Popular restaurant with tourists * Tel: 951-516-2729

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