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Getting to Oaxaca by Air  
Traveling to Oaxaca by Air

The following Airlines fly in and out of Oaxaca:
Tel: 800-237-6639
Tel: 800-735-5396
Tel: 800-231-0856
Tel: 800-531-7921
The Airport Code for Oaxaca is OAX
The airport, "Xoxocotlán" International Airport (OAX), is 5 miles south of Oaxaca City. Most flights are to Mexico City for onward connection, but there are also flights to Huatulco, Cancún, Tuxtla Gutierrez and Tijuana. Continental Airlines flights between Oaxaca and Houston have also been initiated.

Getting Around in Oaxaca
Oaxaca Buses Buses
Buses to Mitla, Guelatao, Tlacolula and Teotitlan de Valle leave from the Second Class Bus Station which is across from the Central de Abastos. Collectivos also leave from the streets that surround the Central de Abastos. Buses to Monte Alban leave every half hour from 8am until 3:30pm from the Hotel Rivera de Angel, 518 Mina. Caution: Avoid road travel after dark and, if possible, travel only on first class buses. Even though armed robberies of entire busloads of passengers occur on toll highways, these are less frequent than on "free" highways.
Oaxaca Taxi Taxis
You can visit any of the Archaeological Sites or small villages around the city, a taxi can be leased for about $100 pesos per hour. Make sure to negotiate your price upfront to avoid confusion later. Ask the front desk at your hotel to call a cab for you. Caution: Travellers should use only radio taxis or taxis based at designated stands called "sitios". Always ask the dispatcher for the driver's name and the taxi's licence plate number. Passengers arriving at Oaxaca's International Airport should use only airport taxis after pre-paying the fare at one of the special booths at the arrival area inside the airport.
Best Time to Visit Oaxaca
Seasons-- April and May are the hottest, driest months. (Also in May, rural teachers invade the zócalo and create havoc in the downtown area while they demonstrate for higher wages.) The rains come in June and improve things considerably. June through March the city is most enjoyable. High seasons for tourists, when you can expect higher hotel rates, are late July and August (especially around the Guelaguetza), early November (around the Days of the Dead), the entire month of December, and during Easter.

Best Time to visit Oaxaca

Archaeological Artifacts
If someone tries to sell you an "authentic" archaeological relic, turn him down. Most of them are recently manufactured and have been buried in the earth or painted with tar to achieve a weathered look. Besides Mexico strictly controls the possession of archaeological artifacts. Travelers should keep this in mind, particularly when visiting archaeological sites and their surroundings. Foreigners may be charged and imprisoned for possession of these artifacts

Archaeological Artifacts


The electrical system in Mexico is 110 volts, 60 cycles, as in the United States and Canada. Normally, the electrical outlets are designed to accept two prongs plugs, so you´ll need an adaptor for using any modern electrical apparatus that has an enlarged end on one prong or plugs with 3 prongs. You can find the three-holed outlets in some places but it´s always better to carry your own adaptor.


Shipping Information Shipping Information
There are many things to buy while visiting Oaxaca. The best way to get everything home safely is to use a shipping companyThe cheapest way to transport your goods is to have them packed securely so that you can check them as extra baggage on your flight home. Another way is to ship them. Many stores will pack and ship their own merchandise but not other stores' goods
Phone Numbers in Oaxaca Phone Numbers in Oaxaca
Police: 060 (Emergencies, fire etc.)
Traffic Police: 512-6606
Metropolitan Police: 516-0400
Fire Dept: 516-2231
Immigration: 511-5733 (Airport)
Tourist Protection Center: 514-2155
Red Cross: 516-4455
Consumer Affairs (Profeco): 513-4141
Oaxaca Tourism Board Tourism Info.
Oaxaca Tourism Board

Av. Independencia 607
Col. Centro, C.P. 68000
Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Warning to Tourists: You should avoid demonstrations and other activities that might be deemed political by the Mexican authorities. Political activities by foreigners are prohibited by the Mexican constitution, and such actions may result in detention and/or deportation.


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