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Oaxaca is a historic city with many sights to see. Everywhere you look there is a church or cathedral. Most hotels as well as private companies offer tours to the archeological sites of Monte Alban and Mitla as well as to the shopping areas of Oaxaca. Visit San Bartolo Coyotepec and learn how black clay pots are made or explore ancient cities. Whatever you a looking to do the tours are complete with transportation and a biligual guide. There are group tours in Oaxaca and for a little extra you can get private tours. The services or information below provide information on various tours in and around Oaxaca such as ecological tours and more.
Oaxaca Tours
  Turismo el Covento de Oaxaca - This company provides several tours and itineraries to archelogical sights and shopping areas * Recommended by Camino Real Hotel * Comfortable air conditioned vehicles * Tel: 951-516-1806

Discover Oaxaca Tours - small company dedicated to providing a high-quality service * transportation in comfortable, insured vehicles with air-conditioning * Guides, licensed by the Secretary of Tourism, are knowledgeable and have excellent language abilities * Custom iternaries are available * Tel: 951-512-3062
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